Amour 3.0 and The Amour App

Amour 3.0 is a mobile assisted smart switching solution for our homes. EBTL feels proud to make this product from scratch in India. Amour 3.0 has been developed keeping in mind the sentiments and desires of people who love their homes. Feel free to spend some time at our website to experience the magic of Amour 3.0 and The EBTL App. We have infused amazing features in the Mobile to make it user friendly.

Amour 3.0 Features

All-in-one solution

One panel controls 7 channels – 5 switches of 10 Amp (Lights, Fans, Small appliances... etc), and 2 switches of 30 amps. Also, 2 USB ports for fast charging.

Dimmer/ Speed regulator

Two sets of dimmers help you set the intensity of light. Connect the fans to these points and you can regulate the speed as well. Icons for lights or fans can be set as per need.

No shocks

The panel is completely shock proof and you can touch the screens even with wet hands.

Indianised solution

Retrofitting - Installation doesn’t require any special wiring and can be used with your existing wirings. It takes only minutes to be installed and made ready to use.
It works well with the inverter and in case of a power-cut, it remembers the state of the switches and restores the active devices back.

Logi-touch function

With one long press you can set all your connected devices to either switch on or off.
100% Made-in-India
Made from scratch in India, for India. The patent is owned by EBTL.

Wi-Fi / Hotspot

Stay connected to your home over internet and seamlessly switch to hotspot mode in single click.

Programmable switch

Amour is more than just a switch. It lets you schedule your connected devices just like an alarm. With one time setting, you can switch on or off your device at any time, as many times as you want!

Customizable Panel

The panel is fully customizable with faceplate colors matching your walls and icons for your needs.

In-built USB chargers

No need to carry mobile chargers. We provide 2 in-built USB chargers in Amour. These USB chargers charge your cell phones faster than regular mobile chargers.

Always glowing icons

Now no more estimations to switch on or off. Amour panel has got the icons which always glow. The intuitive icons on the board make it easy for the user to figure out electrical equipment attached.

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We are a global team of likeminded individuals with diverse skill sets. We began way back in 2011 with an idea of making shock-proof switches.

Amour App

Amour App Features

Amour Mobile App

The amazing features of the amazing Amour App are given the subsequent sections.

Mobile App same as panel

We have kept the user experience while using the Mobile App or Amour Panel directly.

Wifi operations

All Mobile App connects to both Android and iOS "Apple" phones using Wifi technology. The Wifi used in Amour connects simultaneously to Android and iPhones. Anyone who is carrying a phone with Wifi is carry a remote to operate Amour panel.

One time pairing

The Wifi needs to be paired only once by the users. Once paired users need not to key in the password for reconnecting. You simply need to select the panel you want to connect to. The admin of the panel is free to change password for the panel. In case one forgets the password - do not worry we keep your passwords safe with us.

One to many users

All family members and even guests can connect to your Amour panel by keying the password for the panel.

Favourite Selection

The Amour Mobile App enables you to select your favourite selection in a room. "Once "favourite selection" is defined you can simply click on the favourite button given on the Mobile App and the defined lights/fans/AC etc. will be operational."

Home and Guests

The Amour Mobile App also helps to define a home for a family in the Mobile App. You will be able to see all your rooms connected with the Amour Panel in your mobile phone screen. Whenever, some guest comes to your home, you can give access to the Amour Panel in the guest room only. That room will be visible in the EBTL app of the guest as a guest room.

On/Off one and all

The Mobile App also provides the feature of Amour panel in which you can switch on/off all the switches at one go. The mode of operations is also the same. Long press anywhere on the mobile screen and all the switches will go off/on. However when switched "On" from being "Off" the panel remembers its initial state.


This feature of the Amour Mobile App enables the users to schedule the equipment connected to Amour panel. For example: You have a flight to catch at 8:00 am. You want geyser to start at 6:00 am and and stop at 6:30 am. The Amour Mobile App provides this amazing feature to control both on and off of connected electrical appliances.

Easy room selection

The Amour Mobile App provides an easy selection and disconnection from a room. All you need to do is to go your defined home in the Amour Mobile App and select the room you want to connect to.

Fungible Switches

The Amour Mobile App provides a superb feature to replace a switch on the mobile. Imagine you want to replace a switch which was initially connected to the TV with a refrigerator. The Amour Mobile App enables you do to the same with a click on the screen.

Contact EBTL

The Amour Mobile App gives the users to contact the EBTL Team anytime if they encounter any issue with usage of Mobile App or Amour panel. The users may also contact EBTL for any feedback though The Mobile App interface.

Connect Over Internet

The Amour Mobile App also enables the users to connect to the Amour Panel via other family members mobile phones when connected to the panel. For example: You are in office and your wife is in home and her phone is connected to any of the Amour Panels at home. You will be able to connect wife's Amour App over the internet and would be able to control the panel connected with it. Your wife will get a notification on her app that you are trying to use her phone to connect to the Amour Panel.

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